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Published: Sep 4th, 2014

The Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium would like to congratulate this year's OSGC Scholars!  

The OSG Scholarship Programs are intended to recognize the academic accomplishments of students enrolled at Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium member institutions. Each of these exemplary students has indicated a future in the aerospace, science, or education community, working towards STEM focused career goals, and has attained the highest levels of academic achievement.  

Community College Scholarship Recipients - $5,000 each

  • Hazel Betz, Linn-Benton Community College
  • Wyatt Dean, Lane Community College
  • Lahiru Fernando, Portland Community College - Sylvania
  • Aaron Groves, Linn-Benton Community College
  • Robert Mulkey, Portland Community College - Cascade
  • Tara Prevo, Portland Community College - Sylvania
  • Brian Riedy, Linn-Benton Community College
  • Chirs Schroeder, Portland Community College - Rock Creek
  • Ana Serrato, Portland Community College - Rock Creek
  • Brianna Smith-Sparks, Linn-Benton Community College
  • Emile Walker, Portland Community College - Cascade
  • Levi Willmeth, Linn-Benton Community College

4-Year Institution Scholarship Recipients - $8,000 each

  • Alyssa Adams, Western Oregon University
  • Nyki Anderson, Eastern Oregon University
  • Jeremy Bullis, University of Oregon
  • David Coulter, Portland State University
  • Amanda Davis, University of Portland
  • Jordan Gegenhuber, Pacific University
  • Caitlin King, George Fox University
  • Thomas Manfredonia, University of Portland
  • Collin Muniz, Oregon State University
  • Grace Ng, University of Oregon
  • Lindsey Oberhelman, University of Oregon
  • Patrick Oswald, Oregon Institute of Technology
  • Erin Schmidt, Portland State University
  • Savanna Szeimies, Oregon State University
  • Tessa Van Volkenburg, Oregon State University

Undergraduate Research Scholarship Recipients - $12,000 each

  • Annika Gustafsson, University of Oregon
  • Jessica Hardwicke, Portland State University
  • Corey Juarez, Oregon State University
  • Tarita Keohokalole-Look, Eastern Oregon University
  • Jacob Palumbo, Pacific University

To learn more about the Oregon Space Grant's scholarship programs, please visit our Scholarships Guide at the following URL:

Published: Jul 24th, 2014

OSGC Affiliates and Invited Guests: Registration for the 2014 OSGC Annual Affiliate Meeting is now open. Click here for meeting details and link to registration.

If you are not an OSGC affiliate but are interested in attending the OSGC Affiliate Meeting, please inquire at 541-737-2414 for more information. 

Published: Mar 19th, 2014

Apply now for Oregon Space Grant Scholarships!

Deadline May 23, 2014

The Oregon NASA Space Grant is pleased to provide students attending our member colleges and universities an opportunity to apply for scholarship awards that will support their academic study in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and STEM education and recognize acheivements in these fields.  The OSGC Scholarship Program supports the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) objectives of fostering adn encouraging careers in STEM and STEM education and developing a diverse and capable next-generation workforce. For all of these programs women and indivduals from underrespresented groups in the STEM fields are strongly encouraged to apply.

Scholarships amounts range from $5,000 to $12,000 per student awardee.  Please take a moment to review the 2014-15 Scholarship Program Guide, also available on our website at <>. The guide includes detailed application instructions and guidelines for each opportunity.

Go to the OSGC Scholarship Page for more information.

Published: Dec 10th, 2013

Undergraduate and graduate students interested in 2014 summer internship opportunities at a NASA center should apply through NASA's One Stop Shopping Initiative (OSSI). Create an online profile and apply for up to 15 specific opportunties with a single application. Go to for more information.

The Oregon Space Grant Consortium (OSGC) will have funding for up to 15 internships for students who are attending Oregon Space Grant affiliate institutions (see list here).

For more information contact OSGC via email at


Published: Oct 10th, 2013

2013 OSGC Student Symposium
November 8, 2013 - 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
LaSells Stewart Center/OSU Conference Center
Oregon State University Campus
Corvallis, OR

Oregon NASA Space Grant funded student interns and student research groups from across Oregon will present their research or internship experiences and projects at the OSGC Student Symposium. Students will present both posters and presentations with time for Q & A.

Come and learn about NASA's internship programs and research opportunities for Oregon students.

Event is FREE and OPEN to ALL!

Go to to learn more about the Student Symposium.

Contact or call 541-737-2414 for more information.

Published: Sep 5th, 2013

The Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium would like to congratulate this year's OSGC Scholars!  

These Undergraduate Scholarship Programs are intended to recognize the academic accomplishments of students enrolled at Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium member institutions.  Each of these exemplary students has indicated a future in the aerospace, science, or education community, working towards STEM focused career goals, and has attained the highest levels of academic achievement.  

Community College Scholarship Recipients

  • Nicholas Calstrom, Portland Community College - Sylvania
  • Michael Daning, Lane Community College
  • Sarah Flake, Portland Community College - Sylvania
  • Angela Freda, Portland Community College - Rock Creek
  • Stephen Gibbel, Linn-Benton Community College
  • Moira Gion, Portland Community College - Cascade
  • Teandre West, Portland Community College - Cascade
  • Amanda Yocum, Portland Community College, Rock Creek

4-Year Institution Scholarship Recipients

  • Sara Bowers, Oregon State University
  • Eva Danon, University of Portland
  • Amanda Davis, University of Portland
  • Andy Fry, Western Oregon University
  • Keiko Fujii, George Fox University
  • Renee Geck, George Fox University
  • Jordan Gegenhuber, Pacific University
  • Camille Gonzalez, Southern Oregon University
  • Jeremiah Lipp, Oregon Institute of Technology
  • Kaltuma Mohamed, Portland State University
  • Rodney Snyder, Oregon State University
  • Jonathan Talik, Portland State University
  • Tessa Van Volkenburg, Oregon State University
  • Anne Weaver, University of Oregon

Undergraduate Research Scholarship Recipients

  • Nkolika Egbukichi, Portland State University

To learn more about the Oregon Space Grant's scholarship programs, please visit our Scholarships Guide at the following URL:

Published: Jun 28th, 2013

2013 Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium Affiliate Meeting 

September 12-14, 2013
Kah-Nee-Ta Resort and Spa, Warm Springs, OR
Hosted by The Museum at Warm Springs

Registration Deadline EXTENDED: August 30, 2013

WHEN: Friday, September 13th from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Saturday, September 14th from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM. 

WHERE: All meetings and events will be held at the Kah-Nee-Ta Resort and Spa, located at 6823 Highway 8, Warm Springs, OR 97761.  Meetings will be held in the Pi-Ume-Sha Room on the upper level of the Lodge.

ACCOMMODATIONS: A block of rooms has been reserved at the rate of $111/night.  Please contact the hotel directly at 1-800-831-0100 and mention the Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium, code 5J6NCA, to make reservations under the group rate. Or go to to register online.  The resort has kindly offered to extend this special rate from Thursday, September 12th through Sunday, September 15th for those who would like to stay and take advantage of the local activities.  Reservations must be made by Friday, August 23, 2013.

MEALS: There will be an informal dinner Thursday evening, September 12th at 6:30 pm in the Warm Springs Grill in the Lodge.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided Friday, September 13th in the Confederated Room on the upper level. Friday’s meeting will be followed by a Salmon Bake and stargazing. Breakfast will be provided Saturday, September 14th; lunch will be on your own.


  • OSGC Affiliates and Students Presenters - No registration fee
  • Standard Registration - Non-Space Grant attendees - registration fee $100
  • Guests of Affiliates - Guests of affiliates or attendees who are not attending the meeting are welcome to come along and enjoy Kah-Nee-Ta.  Guest registration fees are as follows: $50 to attend Thursday and Friday evening dinners only; $100 to attend all meals Thursday through Saturday.



Published: Mar 14th, 2013

Application deadline is May 17, 2013; Deadline is CLOSED. 
Awardees will be announced late August, 2013.

Scholarships are open to new and continuing students in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and STEM education disciplines. The scholarship program supports the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) objectives of fostering and encouraging career goals in STEM and STEM education. Individuals from under-represented groups in the STEM fields are encouraged to apply.

Please refer to the Scholarship page for more information and links to the online application system.  Interested students will need to download the Scholarship Guide for eligibility requirements and application procedures. 

Published: Oct 30th, 2012

NASA One Stop Shopping Initiative

NASA Education ONE STOP SHOPPING INITIATIVE (OSSI) online application system closes March 15, 2013!  Visit for more details.

Students interested in NASA internship, fellowship, and scholarship opportunities should view/search NASA opportunities at  Students will complete an online application via the Student On-Line Application for Recruiting Interns, Fellows and Scholars (SOLAR) for up to 15 opportunities per session.

Published: Oct 30th, 2012

The 2012 OSGC Student Symposium

has been rescheduled for Friday, February 8, 2013

OSU Memorial Union Journey Room

FREE and OPEN TO ALL 8am-8pm


Student interns and researchers from across Oregon will share their experiences and projects at this year's NASA Student Symposium.  You can learn about NASA's intern programs and research opportunities at poster and presentation sessions.

Published: Oct 2nd, 2012

Join the Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium and the Oregon State University (OSU) College of Forestry Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at Peavy Hall on the OSU campus for the Moon Tree Dedication, a celebration of Astronaut Stuart Roosa and the Apollo 14 Lunar Mission.

Apollo 14 launched on January 31, 1971 on what was to be NASA's third trip to the lunar surface. Five days later, Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell walked on the Moon while Stuart Roosa, a former Oregon US Forest Service smoke jumper, orbited above in the command module. Packed in Roosa's personal belongings during the mission were about 500 tree seeds, part of a joint NASA/USFS project. Upon return to Earth, the seeds were germinated by the Forest Service. Known as the "Moon Trees", the resulting seedlings were planted throughout the United States and the World. They stand as a tribute to astronaut Roosa and the Apollo Program.

Of the 500 seeds flown on Apollo 14, only about 50 trees still stand today. OSU is proud to be home to one of the existing trees, now a 40 foot tall Douglas Fir. This tree stands as a symbol of both our past achievements in space science and exploration and as an inspiration to future generations of explorers.


2:00-2:30 Dedication and unveiling of plaque
2:30-3:15 Speaker Presentation
3:15-5:00 Reception

For more information about the Moon Trees go to
Contact the Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium at 541-737-2414 with questions regarding the dedication.

Published: Jul 27th, 2012
The Mars Science Lab mission is underway! Shortly after a successful landing on August 5th, the Curiosity rover began sending high resolution images of the Mars surface to the mission team! Keep up with the latest developments with these links.

The Mars Science Laboratory is the new NASA Mars mission. The spacecraft will deliver the Curiosity rover to the Red Planet on August 5-6, 2012 and you’re invited to participate! The Jet Propulsion Lab has put together a web page full of games, apps, viewing details, and activities for students, teachers, and the general public.

Curiosity is scheduled to land on Mars at 1:31 a.m. EDT on Monday, Aug. 6, 2012. (That's 10:31 p.m. PDT, Sunday, Aug. 5.) That evening, Mars will be visible in the night sky with a telescope or with the naked eye. Take this opportunity to host a Mars-gazing party! Just after sunset, Mars will be roughly 150 million miles away from Earth, and the Curiosity Rover will be only hours away from arriving to this distant orange dot in the night sky. Submit your events to

Looking for activities to get students excited about the upcoming landing? A number of short, hands-on activities relating to the mission are available at

For a basic overview of the Red Planet, visit the following websites:

Want to know more about the area where the Curiosity rover will be landing on Mars? Visit the following websites to learn more about Gale Crater.

The Curiosity rover will landing using a bold new landing technique. Check out the "Seven Minutes of Terror" video at the link below to see how rockets, parachutes and a "sky crane" will help Curiosity make a soft landing on Mars.
"Seven Minutes of Terror" video:

Live media coverage of the Curiosity landing begins at midnight EDT (9 p.m. PDT) on NASA TV. To find NASA TV on your local cable provider, or to view the coverage online, visit

Curiosity also has a presence on Twitter and Facebook:

For up-to-the-minute mission information about the Curiosity rover and progress toward its Mars landing, visit and

Published: Jun 1st, 2012
NASA is seeking proposals from accredited U.S.universities focused on innovative, early-stage space technologies that will improve shielding from space radiation, spacecraft thermal management and optical systems. Each of these technology areas requires dramatic improvements over existing capabilities for future science and human exploration missions. Early stage, or low technology readiness level (TRL) concepts, could mature into tools that solve the hard challenges facing future NASA missions. Researchers should propose unique, disruptive or transformational space technologies that address the specific topics described in this new solicitation.

"Both science and human deep space missions pose serious challenges that require new, innovative technological solutions," said Space Technology Program Director Michael Gazarik at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "Radiation, thermal management and optical systems were all identified in the National Research Council's report on NASA Space Technology Roadmaps as priority research areas. This call seeks new ideas in these areas."

Space radiation poses a known danger to the health of astronauts. NASA is seeking proposals in the area of active radiation shielding (such as "shields" of electromagnetic force fields surrounding a spacecraft to block incoming radiation) or new, multifunction materials that are superior to those that exist today are sought. NASA also is interested in new technologies for active monitoring and read-out of radiation levels astronauts receive during long space trips.

Current space technology for thermal management of fuels in space is limited. NASA is seeking early-stage technologies to improve ways spacecraft fuel tanks and in-space filling stations store cryogenic (very low temperature) propellants, such as hydrogen, over long periods of time and distances. NASA also is seeking novel, low-TRL heat rejection technologies which operate reliably and efficiently over a wide range of thermal conditions.

The next generation of lightweight mirrors and telescopes requires advanced optical systems. NASA is seeking advancement of early-stage active wavefront sensing and control system technologies that enable deployable, large aperture space-based observatories; technologies which enable cost-effective development of grazing-incidence optical systems; and novel techniques to focus and detect X-ray photons and other high-energy particles.

NASA expects to make approximately 10 awards this fall, based on the merit of proposals received. The awards will be made for one year, with an additional year of research possible. The typical annual award value is expected to be approximately $250,000. Second year funding will be contingent on the availability of appropriated funds and technical progress. Only accredited U.S. universities may submit proposals to this solicitation. Notices of intent are due by June 21, 2012, with proposals due July 12.

To view the Early Stage Innovation NASA Research Announcement and information for submitting proposals, visit:

The solicitation is a part of NASA's Space Technology Program, managed by the Office of the Chief Technologist. For more information about the Space Technology Program and the crosscutting space technology areas of interest to NASA, visit:

Published: Jan 30th, 2012

We have just received word that NASA has decided to extend until March 16, 2012 the application period for all summer internship applications processed through their SOLAR website. The extension includes summer internship opportunities for nearly all of the NASA centers and programs. This gives all of you procrastinators out there (you know who you are!) more than an additional month to complete applications. Just remember that the NASA mentors will begin to select students beginning Feb 2. Applications completed by the beginning of February will be a part of that first round of selections. NASA has positions for students interested in or studying various areas in science, technology, engineering, math, business, education, and many other topics.

To apply for a NASA internship, head to the SOLAR website at

Internship application deadlines for programs not included in the SOLAR project (such as LARSS, NASA History, and the NASA Academies) vary by program but many end by February 2, 2012. Don't delay!

Published: Jan 3rd, 2012

The Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium would like to congratulate this year's OSGC Scholars!  

These Undergraduate Scholarship Programs are intended to recognize the academic accomplishments of students enrolled at Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium member institutions.  Each of these exemplary students has indicated a future in the aerospace, science, or education community, working towards STEM focused career goals, and has attained the highest levels of academic achievement.  

4-Year Institution Scholarship Recipients

  • Victor Dang, Oregon State University
  • Rebecka Tumblin, University of Oregon
  • Rachel Meis, George Fox University
  • Paul Ferrigno, Oregon State University
  • Daniela Makowski - Sifuentes, George Fox University
  • Rosanna Mersereau, Western Oregon University
  • Madeline Hoffert, Portland State University
  • Dorcas Kaweesa, University of Portland
  • Alan Freeman, Oregon Institute of Technology

Undergraduate Research Scholarship Recipients

  • Anndee Huff, Portland State University
  • Briand Oaks, Portland State University
  • Nicole Paterson, Portland State University
  • Teal Pershing, Oregon State University

Community College Scholarship Recipients

  • Justin Martinez, Portland Community College - Sylvania
  • Jordan Blaser-Mohrhardt, Lane Community College
  • Elia deJesus, Linn Benton Community College
  • Samantha Mellin, Portland Community College - Sylvania
  • Andrew Hill, Portland Community College - Rock Creek
  • Robert Konell, Portland Community College - Cascade
To learn more about the Oregon Space Grant's scholarship programs, please visit our Scholarships Guide at the following URL:

Published: Aug 8th, 2011

This call is for ESMD Senior Design Projects, including Lunabotics Mining Competition Projects.  Click on the following link to request NASA ESMD Senior Design Projects and funds:   Proposals must fit within one of the endorsed ESMD Sr. Design Project topics listed at  

The application due date for the first round of selections is September 1, 2011 (to allow the Oregon Space Grant time to review and endorse proposals) and the recipients will be notified by September 16, 2011.  If funding is available, additional application rounds will be conducted.

The factors considered for project approval will include:

  • Endorsement by your state based Space Grant office
  • Amount requested for each project (not specifically limited but intended to be spread across many projects).
  • Number of requests from each state (not specifically limited but intended to be spread across the nation).
  • The NASA Technical Expert availability.

Funding for these opportunities is provided by the ESMD Space Grant Program at NASA/KSC through the National Space Grant Foundation.  Questions regarding this opportunity may be directed to Laura Peckyno at or by phone at 541-737-2414.  Thank you for your support of the ESMD Space Grant Educational Project!  


Published: Jun 30th, 2011

2011 Oregon Space Grant Consortium Affiliate Meeting

WHEN:    September 8-10, 2011
WHERE:  University Place Hotel & Conference Center, Hosted by Portland State University
PHONE:   866-845-4647
COST:  $92/night
PARKING: $12/night ($10/day for those not staying at the hotel)

There will be an informal dinner Thursday evening, September 8th at Higgins Restaurant and Bar in Portland, OR.  The affiliate meeting will be held at the University Place Hotel & Conference Center all day Friday, September 9th and half-day Saturday, September 10th.  The meeting will feature a dinner at PSU and a demonstration of the Portland State University Dryden Drop Tower.   

Please visit the Affiliate Meeting page of the OSGC website for details and to complete your registration.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at 541-737-2414.


Published: Jan 11th, 2011


Welcome to the new and improved online home of the Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium.  We've updated and enhanced information regarding our current programs and opportunities in order to better support you.  

The website is organized by audience, so please choose a menu selection from the above options.  If you find an error or if you have any questions regarding the website or our programs, please feel free to contact us using the form found on the contact page. 

Thank you for your interest in the Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium. 

Published: Jan 11th, 2011

Students interested in summer internships for 2011 should note that many programs close their applicaiton process by the beginning of February.  Please visit the OSGC Blog or the NASA One Stop Shopping Initiative websites for details regarding requirements, deadlines, and applications.