Student Opportunites on the OSGC Blog

Many student opportunities not funded directly by the Oregon Space Grant can be found on our Blog.  Please visit the Student opportunities category for the latest announcements. (external link)


OSGC is pleased to provide students attending affiliated colleges and universities the opportunity to apply for scholarship awards that support their academic goals and recognize their achievements.  Visit the Scholarships page for program details.


The Graduate Fellowship Program is intended for first-year graduate students at OSGC affiliate institutions who are pursuing aerospace related graduate studies. These merit-based fellowships are part of a national program focused on increasing the number of scientists and engineers available for careers in aerospace and related fields.  Visit the Fellowships page for details.


Want to work at a NASA Center over the summer? Find out how here! Opportunities exist at nearly every NASA Center as well as through the undergraduate student research program and the prestigious NASA Academy. Don't just watch shuttles launch on television, take this opportunity to work with NASA!  Visit the Internships page for more information.

Research Projects

Don't wait for the future to come to you - get involved today! Launch a payload to outer space on a balloon. Experience weightlessness as part of a microgravity flight team. See the Andromeda galaxy with your own eyes. Use satellite images to learn more about the Earth. Whatever your interest in space, OSGC has an opportunity for you!  Visit the Research Projects page for details regrading these programs.

Student Symposium

Each year, OSGC funded student researchers, interns, and fellows share their experiences and projects with peers and university faculty at the Oregon Space Grant NASA Student Symposium.  The symposium features posters, presentations, refreshments, and lots of networking opportunities.  Learn more at the Student Symposium page

Student Profile Form (Confidential)

Students who participate in OSGC funded programs must complete a Student Profile Form. NASA, the agency that provided the funds for the program in which you are participating, requires that we longitudinally track participants of our programs. NASA is interested in how your participation in programs impact your progress through you education and careers. Be assured that any information provided on the form will be held in the strictest of confidence and not shared with anyone except NASA, our sponsor.