Congratulations to the 2018-19 SCORE Award recipients!

SCORE awards enable community college students to work with a faculty mentor on a term-long research project that extends beyond the classroom.
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2018-19 SCORE Recipients
Jacob Brauer - PCC Sylvania Campus - Improve Behr Free-Fall Apparatus
Emily Gemmill - PCC Sylvania Campus - The Physics of Fluids and Application to Traffic Flow and Patterns
Izikaula Huntley - PCC Southeast Campus – Sustainable Food: Reducing the Energy Demands of Urban Vertical Hydroponic Systems
Aurora Jimenez - PCC Southeast Campus - Landslide Investigation of Dog Mountain and Wind Mountain
Bailee McMahon - Southwestern Oregon Community College - Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Relationships between Hard X-ray and Ultraviolet Emission in Solar Flares Observed with RHESSI and SDO
Teresa Nguyen - PCCSoutheast Campus - Systems Engineering for PSAS/Base 11 Space Challenge
Hayden Reinhold - PCC Sylvania Campus - Measuring Gravitational Acceleration with Digital Sensors
Isabella Trifilo-Miley - Southwestern Oregon Community College - Effects of Solar Structure on Solar Flare X-ray Emissio
Tellina Zavala - Linn-Benton Community College - Automated Garden Habitat Project