The Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium would like to congratulate this year's OSGC Scholars!  

These Undergraduate Scholarship Programs are intended to recognize the academic accomplishments of students enrolled at Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium member institutions.  Each of these exemplary students has indicated a future in the aerospace, science, or education community, working towards STEM focused career goals, and has attained the highest levels of academic achievement.  

4-Year Institution Scholarship Recipients

  • Victor Dang, Oregon State University
  • Rebecka Tumblin, University of Oregon
  • Rachel Meis, George Fox University
  • Paul Ferrigno, Oregon State University
  • Daniela Makowski - Sifuentes, George Fox University
  • Rosanna Mersereau, Western Oregon University
  • Madeline Hoffert, Portland State University
  • Dorcas Kaweesa, University of Portland
  • Alan Freeman, Oregon Institute of Technology

Undergraduate Research Scholarship Recipients

  • Anndee Huff, Portland State University
  • Briand Oaks, Portland State University
  • Nicole Paterson, Portland State University
  • Teal Pershing, Oregon State University

Community College Scholarship Recipients

  • Justin Martinez, Portland Community College - Sylvania
  • Jordan Blaser-Mohrhardt, Lane Community College
  • Elia deJesus, Linn Benton Community College
  • Samantha Mellin, Portland Community College - Sylvania
  • Andrew Hill, Portland Community College - Rock Creek
  • Robert Konell, Portland Community College - Cascade
To learn more about the Oregon Space Grant's scholarship programs, please visit our Scholarships Guide at the following URL: