The Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium Congratulates this Year's Scholarship and Fellowship Recipients!

The OSGC Scholarship and Fellowship Program is intended to recognize the academic accomplishments of students enrolled at OSGC member institutions. The OSGC Scholarship and Fellowship Program supports NASA’s objectives of fostering and encouraging careers in STEM and STEM education and developing a diverse and capable next-generation workforce. Each of these exemplary students has demonstrated a commitment to their academic pursuit of a STEM related degree, including physical sciences, life sciences, planetary sciences, mathematics, or engineering relating to space studies. Recipients successfully demonstrated how their field of study relates to the NASA Vision and the activities of one or more of the NASA Mission Directorates. Undergraduate fellows will collaborate with a faculty mentor on a year-long research project and will present their research at the OSGC Student Symposium in November 2016.

Community College Scholarships - $3,000 each

  1. Delphine Le Brun Colon – LBCC
  2. Tara Prevo – PCC Sylvania
  3. Olivia Crisp – PCC Sylvania
  4. Amanda Voegtlin – PCC Sylvania
  5. Kathleen Binkley – LBCC
  6. Alex Dill – PCC Cascade

Undergraduate Scholarships - $5,000 each

  1. Sergio Marroquin – OIT
  2. Thomas Noel – GFU
  3. Kelly Carlos Freeman – PU
  4. Isabel Rodriguez – PSU
  5. Alexis Lopez-Galicia – GFU
  6. Taylor Contreras – UO
  7. Jacob Bieker – UO
  8. Alex Mikes – OSU
  9. Thomas Manfredonia – UP
  10. Kelsey Sampson – OIT

Undergraduate Research Fellowships - $8,000 each

  1. Sanjay Ramprasad – PSU
  2. Charity Woodrum - UO