2015 Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium Affiliate Meeting
September 10-12, 2015

McMenamins Hotel Oregon
310 NE Evans Street
McMinnville, OR 97128


OSGC affiliate members and presenters are welcome to attend the Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium Annual Affiliate Meeting.

If you are not an OSGC affiliate but are interested in attending the OSGC Affiliate Meeting, please inquire at 541-737-2414 for more information.

This year’s meeting will be held at the McMenamins Hotel Oregon located at 310 NE Evans Street, McMinnville, Oregon 97128, with a special dinner Friday evening under the Spruce Goose, hosted by Evergreen Air & Space Museum.

Thursday, September 10th 
4:30-7pm        Hosted Dinner, Nick’s Italian Café, 521 NE Third Street, McMinnville, Oregon 97128

Friday, September 11th
8am-4pm         Affiliate Meeting, Matties Room, McMenamins Hotel Oregon, 310 NE Evans Street, McMinnville OR 97128    
5:30-6:30pm    Reception, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, 500 NE Captain Michael King Smith Way, McMinnville OR 97128
6:30-8pm         Hosted dinner, under the Spruce Goose, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

Saturday, September 12th
8am-12pm        Affiliate Meeting, Matties Room, McMenamins Hotel Oregon, 310 NE Evans Street, McMinnville OR 97128

You must make your own lodging accommodations. Hotel options include:

Meeting Site:
McMenamins Hotel Oregon
, 310 NE Evans Street, McMinnville OR 97128, 503-472-8427, www.mcmenamins.com/hoteloregon
Knowing that not everyone will be in favor of sharing bathrooms, there are only 10 rooms being held for our group at McMenamins Hotel Oregon. Available rooms types include: queen rooms with a shared bath (jack and jill style, perfect if you know the person with whom you are sharing) and queen or king European style (with bathrooms in the hall). The rooms range from $83-127/night. Please contact the hotel directly at 503-472-8427 and ask for the Oregon NASA Space Grant Affiliate Meeting block to make reservations. Reservations must be made no later than Monday, August 10, 2015.

Nearby hotels:
Red Lion Inn & Suites
, 2535 NE Cumulus Avenue, McMinnville OR 97128, 503-472-1500, www.redlion.com/mcminnville
Comfort Inn & Suites, 2520 SE Stratus Avenue, McMinnville OR 97127, 503-472-1700
Both of these hotels have onsite fitness centers, indoor pools, provide complimentary breakfast between 6-10am, and are located within 2 miles of the meeting location. Please call the hotels directly to make reservations.  

Please keep in mind that per diem is $118/night for lodging accommodations. Individuals will be responsible for anything above this amount, with the exception of the block of hotel rooms at McMenamins.  

There is a $25 non-reimbursable registration fee for affiliate members/staff. There is not a registration fee for students who have been invited to present at the meeting. Everyone who plans to attend the meeting must register so that we may obtain an accurate count for catering purposes. Affiliate members and student presenters will be reimbursed for lodging, r/t mileage to McMinnville if you live outside of the area, and meals on travel days that are not provided as part of the meeting. The $25 registration fee will not be reimbursed. Guests of meeting attendees are welcome to attend; if guests choose to participate in meals associated with the meeting, those meal expenses will not be covered by OSGC. Guest registration fees are as follows and should be paid at time of registration:

  • Thursday dinner - $50
  • Friday dinner - $100