Each year, OSGC provides awards to student team projects that are student-led, hands-on STEM based research projects that provide a unique student team experience.

Congratulations to the following teams who received the 2018 Undergraduate Team Experience Awards!
Go to http://spacegrant.oregonstate.edu/student-research-projects for more information about the program.

2017-18 Undergraduate Team Experience Award Recipients

Oregon Tech Rocketry and Aerospace Liquid Rocket Engine Development - Oregon Institute of Technology Klamath Falls
RockOn! 2018 Program
- Oregon Institute of Technology Wilsonville
Oregon Tech Rocketry and Aerospace Rocket Engine Test Stand Development - Oregon Institue of Technology Klamath Falls
OSU Rocket Team/NASA Student Launch Program
- Oregon State University
OreSat Attitude Control System
- Portland State University
OreSat Structural Design: The Design, Build, and Test of a 2U CubeSat
- Portland State University
MARS Team/NASA Robotics Mining Competition
- University of Portland