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The Oregon Space Grant Consortium, a part of the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program, is a state-wide network of universities, colleges, museums, educators, researchers, students and science professionals promoting STEM education through cooperative and interdisciplinary programs while recruiting and training NASA's next diverse workforce. To learn more about OSGC's mission, history, staff, and member institutions, or to search the site, please use the small menu at the top right of the website.

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The Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium would like to congratulate this year's OSGC Scholars!  

The OSG Scholarship Programs are intended to recognize the academic accomplishments of students enrolled at Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium member institutions. Each of these exemplary students has indicated a future in the aerospace, science, or education community, working towards STEM focused career goals, and has attained the highest levels of academic achievement.  

Community College Scholarship Recipients - $5,000 each

  • Hazel Betz, Linn-Benton Community College
  • Wyatt Dean, Lane Community College
  • Lahiru Fernando, Portland Community College - Sylvania
  • Aaron Groves, Linn-Benton Community College
  • Robert Mulkey, Portland Community College - Cascade
  • Tara Prevo, Portland Community College - Sylvania
  • Brian Riedy, Linn-Benton Community College
  • Chirs Schroeder, Portland Community College - Rock Creek
  • Ana Serrato, Portland Community College - Rock Creek
  • Brianna Smith-Sparks, Linn-Benton Community College
  • Emile Walker, Portland Community College - Cascade
  • Levi Willmeth, Linn-Benton Community College

4-Year Institution Scholarship Recipients - $8,000 each

  • Alyssa Adams, Western Oregon University
  • Nyki Anderson, Eastern Oregon University
  • Jeremy Bullis, University of Oregon
  • David Coulter, Portland State University
  • Amanda Davis, University of Portland
  • Jordan Gegenhuber, Pacific University
  • Caitlin King, George Fox University
  • Thomas Manfredonia, University of Portland
  • Collin Muniz, Oregon State University
  • Grace Ng, University of Oregon
  • Lindsey Oberhelman, University of Oregon
  • Patrick Oswald, Oregon Institute of Technology
  • Erin Schmidt, Portland State University
  • Savanna Szeimies, Oregon State University
  • Tessa Van Volkenburg, Oregon State University

Undergraduate Research Scholarship Recipients - $12,000 each

  • Annika Gustafsson, University of Oregon
  • Jessica Hardwicke, Portland State University
  • Corey Juarez, Oregon State University
  • Tarita Keohokalole-Look, Eastern Oregon University
  • Jacob Palumbo, Pacific University

To learn more about the Oregon Space Grant's scholarship programs, please visit our Scholarships Guide at the following URL: