The Electronic Universe: A Friends of Pine Mountain Observatory (FOPMO) outreach program, The Electronic Universe provides a multi-faceted enrichment experience for all grade levels of students and teachers plus a component for the general public. The mission is to provide authentic space science experiences where participants can be involved with the process of science by making observations, analyzing data, and drawing rational conclusions within the context of modern astrophysics.

Seeds of Discovery Program: The Seeds of Discovery program is a science field-day developed by The Museum At Warm Springs to introduce 4th graders to science. The program is supported by teachers and administrators from the Jefferson county 509J School District which includes students from The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, students of Hispanic heritage, and students from rural agricultural families. Students visit science learning stations where they explore geology, botany, biology, archaeology, and anthropology related topics where they are challenged to think about their experiences throughout the day.

Volcano World: Volcano World is an Earth science educational website with resources for both teachers and students of all ages. The website contains satellite views, current eruption news, instructions on building volcano models, a wide array of volcano related lesson plans and activities, links to volcano webcams and a section devoted to kids with puzzles and art!

FIRST Robotics Program: FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is an innovative program designed to motivate young people to pursue opportunities in science, technology and engineering by building self-confidence, knowledge and life skills.

The SMILE Program: The Science & Mathematics Investigative Learning Experiences Program (SMILE), a partnership between Oregon State University and 12 Oregon school districts, seeks to provide minority and low-income students with access to higher education through after-school academic enrichment and mentoring.

Saturday Academy: The Saturday Academy is an innovative program that helps educate high school students in math, science, and technology by providing practical, hands-on learning experiences.