The intent of the Oregon Space Grant Consortium’s Faculty Research Award Program is to provide grants to OSGC faculty for aerospace- and space science-related research that contributes to the development of a diverse, capable, and prepared human capital in aerospace-related STEM disciplines. The program supports faculty research that addresses NASA’s top research priorities and areas of emphasis to advance the agency’s mission. Selected faculty research projects provide significant and unique experiential learning opportunities for students.

2021 Faculty Research Award Program is NOT CURRENTLY OPEN. Proposals due September 1, 2021.

Faculty from OSGC affiliate member institutions are eligible to apply. A single two-year award up to $140,000 will be competitively awarded for the period of performance January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2023. OSGC’s ability to make awards is contingent upon the availability of awarded funds from the NASA Office of STEM Engagement. Supported research must align with the efforts of NASA Mission Directorates and provide authentic, hands-on student research opportunities.

Click here for the Request for Propsals.

Past awardees and projects:


  • Dr. Mike Springer and Dr. Aaron Coyner | Southwestern Oregon Community College | "Providing Research Infrastructure in Space and Material Sciences (PRISMS)"


  • Dr. Jan Spitzbergen | Oregon State University | "Investigations into Zebra Fish Cataract Formation Following Exposure to Simulated Cosmic and Galactic Radiation Fields"


  • Dr. Greg Bothun | University of Oregon | "Detection of Thin Cirrus using a New Technique and The distribution of Supernova Occurrences in the Coma Cluster"


  • Dr. Vinod Naryanan | Oregon State University | "Enabling Self-propelled Condensate Flow during Phase-change Heat Rejection using Surface Texturing"


  • Dr. Sherry L. Cady | Portland State University | “Modern and Ancient Mars Analog Studies: Linking STEM Research, Training & Education
  • Dr. Mark M. Weislogel | Portland State University | “Oregon Microgravity Drop Tower Research


  • Dr. David Cann | Oregon State University | "High Temperature Piezoelectric Actuators"
  • Dr. Raul B. Cal | Portland State University | “Drag Reduction in Heated Favorable Pressure Gradient Turbulent Boundary Layers Under High levels of Free-Stream Turbulence


  • Dr. W. M. Hetherington | Oregon State University | "OSU Radio Telescope and PicoSatellite Projects"


  • Dr. Kenneth Funk and Dr. Robert Mauro | Oregon State University and University of Oregon | "Human Factors Issues of ADS-B and Cockpit Displays of Traffic Information"


  • Dr. Anthony A. Tovar | Eastern Oregon University | “Oregon STEM Enhancement with Education and Outreach
  • Dr. Peter Wu and Mr. Roger Linhart | Southern Oregon University | “A Balloon Launch Glider for High Altitude Experimentation
  • Dr. Greg Bothun | University of Oregon | "Research and Education at the Pine Mountain Observatory"