NASA Explorer School Program: The NASA Explorer Schools Project is NASA's classroom-based gateway for middle and high school students (grades 4-12) that provides authentic learning experiences designed around NASA's unique missions while promoting student engagement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics based on NASA's resources. NES uses a Virtual Campus website to provide professional development and support for educators and allows students to participate in NASA's missions of discovery and exploration. NES offers cross-cutting NASA STEM content modules for middle school and high school teachers to implement into their classrooms.  Visit the Explorer School Website to enroll your school today!

NASA Aerospace Education Specialist Program: The NASA Aerospace Education Services Program (AESP) serves America's education community by enhancing awareness and understanding of the scientific and technological advances growing out of NASA's missions of research, discovery, and exploration. The AESP primary focus is a professional development effort that serves the K-12 education community by providing in-service training for educators, classroom lesson modeling, distance learning events, pre-service training for university students, and identification of appropriate NASA education resources. The project works in collaboration with the entire suite of NASA Education to bring NASA resources into the hands of teachers. AESP also provides online professional development opportunities through NEON: NASA Educator's Online Network. Through NEON, educators can find resources, speak with other educators, and meet NASA scientists and engineers.

Education Resource Center: OMSI's Science Education Resource Center (SERC) is filled with books, activities, videos and other resources for educators to use as they plan their science lessons. Work at OMSI or check out materials to work at home or at school. Or use our high-speed Internet access for your research. SERC houses the NASA Regional Educator Resource Center. NASA educational materials - including videos, lesson plans, audio tapes, slides, and publications - are available to be previewed or copied.

Geomagnetic Event Observation Network by Students (GEONS): The THEMIS Education and Public Outreach team is establishing ten ground-based magnetometer stations each located in the proximity of a rural school in traditionally under-served, under-represented communities. A teacher at each of these schools is responsible for their magnetometer data and system as well as using the data with their students through lesson plans developed by SEGway and the Astronomy Café. The network of these teachers, students, and magnetometers together with other students who participate using the web is called the Geomagnetic Event Observation Network by Students (GEONS).