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The Oregon Space Grant Consortium is not currently offering the Graduate Fellowship program.

Current OSGC Fellows should refer to Section VII: Application Guidelines for Renewal Applicants in the OSGC Graduate Research Fellowship Program Guide for quarterly reporting requirements and submission details.

Renewal reports for current OSGC fellows should be submitted no later than the third week of the next term.

Graduate Research Fellowship Program Guide for Renewal Applicants ONLY

Current Graduate Fellowship Recipients

  • Thomas L'Estrange, Mechanical Engineering, OSU; "Heat Rejection through Phase-change Heat Transfer for Spacecraft Thermal Management" (Major Professor: Dr. Vinod Narayanan)
  • Michelle Neely, Geology, OSU; "The Argentine Puna as a terrestrial analog critical to understanding the formation and dynamics of Transverse Aeolian Ridges (TARs)" (Major Professor: Dr. Shan deSilva)


Past Graduate Fellowship Recipients

  • Cullen Andrews, Observational Astrophysics, UO; "[Galaxy Size Evolution Project]." (Major Professor: Dr. Greg Bothun)
  • Thomas Bauska, Geosciences, OSU; "Records Construction of Natural Variability of CO2 and Climate as Evidenced by Ice Cores." (Major Professor: Dr. Ed Brook)
  • Ellynne Kutschera, Physics, PSU; "Modeling Mediation Mechanisms of CH4 Transport in Greenhouse Gas Emissions." (Major professor: Dr. Aslam Khalil)
  • Brian Larson, Biochemistry, PSU; "Interpretation by the DSNL-0 Ribozyme and its Implications to Origins of Life." (Major Professor: Dr. Niles Lehman)
  • Logan Mitchell, Geosciences - Paleoclimatology, OSU; "Multidecadal Methane Variability in New Ice Core Records From Green land and Antarctica." (Major professor: Dr. Ed Brook)
  • Mohsen Nasroullahi, Electrical and Computer Engineering, OSU; “Ultra Low-Power, RF Wireless Transceivers." (Major Professors: Dr. Kartikaya Mayram and Dr. Terri Fiez)
  • Benjamin Vandagrift, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, OIT; "Design and Fabrication of a Four-Axis Computer Numerical Controlled Filament Winding Machine." (Dr. John Anderson)
  • Haley Kostrba, Education, WOU; “To the Edge of Space: Curriculum Design” (Major Professors: Dr. Adele Schepige and Dr. Mary Bucy)
  • Matthew Clothier, Computer Science, OSU; Graphical/scientific visualization; augmented reality; stereo imaging; transforming data sets into 3-D visual images. (Major professor: Mike Bailey)
  • Avery Cotton, Education, WOU; Development and testing of new standards-based curriculum materials and activities for global climage change instruction. (Major professor: William Schoenfeld)
  • James Sample, manufacturing Engineering, OIT; Research and Design of Smart Assembly Systems, flexible work cells, virtual simulations, and robot integration to develop a platform for applied research in "smart assembly." (Major professor: Timothy Brower)
  • Cullen Andrews, Physics, UO; Testing the capabilities of Bertin's SExtractor program using Hubble Space Telescope ACS data; analysis of mid-depth ACS fields. (Major professor: Greg Bothun)
  • Jeffrey Krause, Biological Oceanography, OSU; Method development to test biogenic silica dissolution in the Sargasso Sea; teaching assistant for Dr. Michael Lomas, Bermuda Biological Station For Research, Inc. in St. George, Bermuda. (Major professor: David Nelson)
  • David Kuhns, Psychology, OSU; Investigating changes in inhibition over a lifespan and the affects of switching between tasks; research assistant with former NASA Ames researcher Dr. Mei-Ching Lien. (Major projessor: Mei-Ching Lien)
  • Henry Maynard, Manufacturing Engineering, OIT; Designing and implementing a manufacturing conveyor belt system with multiple process stations using the OIT wind tunnel data acquisition system. (Major professor: Brian Moravec)
  • Gregory Mouchka, Mechanical Engineering, OSU; Design of a next generation ammonia-water desorber; assist heat actuated cooling by the US Army at Ft. Belvoir, VA. (Major professor: Deborah Pence)
  • Ronald Rinehart, Geosciences, OSU; Science education focus; conducting surveys of middle school students participating in the OSGC Balloon Program (LaunchOregon) (Major professor: Ron Doel)
  • Virginia Slater, Pharmacology, OSU; Pharmaceutical research in support of the space program; NASA Ames Academy alumni (Major professor: Bill Boyce)