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The Oregon Space Grant Consortium Graduate Fellowship Program is currently closed. The 2021-22 solicitation will open October 2021.

The Oregon Space Grant Graduate Fellowship Program is directed towards STEM graduate students attending our member four-year universities who are working towards a space science or aerospace-related career. Fellowships are designed to enhance basic graduate research support, such as graduate research assistantships, graduate teaching assistantships, and non-federal scholarships and fellowships. The goals of the OSGC Fellowship Program are to advance the work of NASA Mission Directorates, encourage qualified individuals to continue in a space science or aerospace-related field, support research infrastructure at our member institutions, retain U.S. graduates, and promote diversity.

The Graduate Fellowship program is open to graduate students who meet the following criteria:

  • U.S. Citizen
  • Student maintains good academic standing
  • Currently enrolled full-time at an OSGC affiliate member institution at the time of application and remains enrolled for the duration of the award
  • Enrolled in a space science or aerospace-related STEM discipline
  • Currently working on a faculty-mentored research project that has NASA or space science/aerospace relevance

Download the OSGC Graduate Fellowship Program Guide for complete details


Past Graduate Fellowship Recipients

  • Thomas L'Estrange, Mechanical Engineering, OSU; "Heat Rejection through Phase-change Heat Transfer for Spacecraft Thermal Management" (Major Professor: Dr. Vinod Narayanan)
  • Michelle Neely, Geology, OSU; "The Argentine Puna as a terrestrial analog critical to understanding the formation and dynamics of Transverse Aeolian Ridges (TARs)" (Major Professor: Dr. Shan deSilva)
  • Cullen Andrews, Observational Astrophysics, UO; "[Galaxy Size Evolution Project]." (Major Professor: Dr. Greg Bothun)
  • Thomas Bauska, Geosciences, OSU; "Records Construction of Natural Variability of CO2 and Climate as Evidenced by Ice Cores." (Major Professor: Dr. Ed Brook)
  • Ellynne Kutschera, Physics, PSU; "Modeling Mediation Mechanisms of CH4 Transport in Greenhouse Gas Emissions." (Major professor: Dr. Aslam Khalil)
  • Brian Larson, Biochemistry, PSU; "Interpretation by the DSNL-0 Ribozyme and its Implications to Origins of Life." (Major Professor: Dr. Niles Lehman)
  • Logan Mitchell, Geosciences - Paleoclimatology, OSU; "Multidecadal Methane Variability in New Ice Core Records From Green land and Antarctica." (Major professor: Dr. Ed Brook)
  • Mohsen Nasroullahi, Electrical and Computer Engineering, OSU; “Ultra Low-Power, RF Wireless Transceivers." (Major Professors: Dr. Kartikaya Mayram and Dr. Terri Fiez)
  • Benjamin Vandagrift, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, OIT; "Design and Fabrication of a Four-Axis Computer Numerical Controlled Filament Winding Machine." (Dr. John Anderson)
  • Haley Kostrba, Education, WOU; “To the Edge of Space: Curriculum Design” (Major Professors: Dr. Adele Schepige and Dr. Mary Bucy)
  • Matthew Clothier, Computer Science, OSU; Graphical/scientific visualization; augmented reality; stereo imaging; transforming data sets into 3-D visual images. (Major professor: Mike Bailey)
  • Avery Cotton, Education, WOU; Development and testing of new standards-based curriculum materials and activities for global climage change instruction. (Major professor: William Schoenfeld)
  • James Sample, manufacturing Engineering, OIT; Research and Design of Smart Assembly Systems, flexible work cells, virtual simulations, and robot integration to develop a platform for applied research in "smart assembly." (Major professor: Timothy Brower)
  • Cullen Andrews, Physics, UO; Testing the capabilities of Bertin's SExtractor program using Hubble Space Telescope ACS data; analysis of mid-depth ACS fields. (Major professor: Greg Bothun)
  • Jeffrey Krause, Biological Oceanography, OSU; Method development to test biogenic silica dissolution in the Sargasso Sea; teaching assistant for Dr. Michael Lomas, Bermuda Biological Station For Research, Inc. in St. George, Bermuda. (Major professor: David Nelson)
  • David Kuhns, Psychology, OSU; Investigating changes in inhibition over a lifespan and the affects of switching between tasks; research assistant with former NASA Ames researcher Dr. Mei-Ching Lien. (Major projessor: Mei-Ching Lien)
  • Henry Maynard, Manufacturing Engineering, OIT; Designing and implementing a manufacturing conveyor belt system with multiple process stations using the OIT wind tunnel data acquisition system. (Major professor: Brian Moravec)
  • Gregory Mouchka, Mechanical Engineering, OSU; Design of a next generation ammonia-water desorber; assist heat actuated cooling by the US Army at Ft. Belvoir, VA. (Major professor: Deborah Pence)
  • Ronald Rinehart, Geosciences, OSU; Science education focus; conducting surveys of middle school students participating in the OSGC Balloon Program (LaunchOregon) (Major professor: Ron Doel)
  • Virginia Slater, Pharmacology, OSU; Pharmaceutical research in support of the space program; NASA Ames Academy alumni (Major professor: Bill Boyce)